IMAC Repair Service Center/Centre Punjab

iMac Screen Repair or LCD replacement:
Hard Disk Issues
RAM Upgrade
Rebooting Issues
Speaker Not Working Properly
Motherboard Repair
Keyboard Repair
Power Troubles

At Noor Communication you get all types of software and hardware servicing for any of your Apple gadgets. We are one of the leading service centers for Apple’s any device owners such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, iMac, iWatch, and Apple TV. We will help you to repair everything from minor to severe problems.

We understand the importance of time as any type of problem or issue in your gadgetthat might be hampering your daily important activities such as problems in your business and studies.

Our clients can be assured of a faster servicing and fixing of any issues on your device. We ensure that your device is handed over and serviced by some of the well experienced and certified engineers who have good hands-on practical knowledge in dealing with the various issues on the Mackbook.

Complete Apple servicing center near your home

We provide all types of software and hardware related servicing for your Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iMac, iWatch.

Thus whether you have any hardware issues such as a damaged screen or any software issues such as antivirus installation or spyware issues we will help you to repair it.

You can bet on us that your device’s overall performance will increase and almost run like a brand new Macbook.

Although we are not authorized by Apple our customers have got positive reviews about our services.

Here are the types of services that we will provide for you at Noor Communication

Antivirus protection for your Apple TV, iPhone, Macbook, iMac, iWatch, etc.

Resolve your antivirus issues for your Apple device with the help of our engineers. As a customer, you will get full priority from us.

We will install only the original and authenticated the latest version of antivirus so that you don’t have to deal with privacy and data theft issues. We do use any pirated or duplicate antivirus software.

We ensure that the copy of antivirus software that we install is fully compatible and provides all the latest data security features for your Apple iMac, iPod, iPhone, etc.

Resolve all your spyware issues

Dealing with spyware can be a challenging issue. If you are facing a degraded performance issue due to suspected malware problems get it services today at Noor Communication.

We will deal with all suspected malware and make sure that your entire system’s reboot the device for faster performance.

Damaged screen replacement for your MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iMac, and Apple Watch

We also provide screen replacement for your Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, etc. using compatible and highly durable hard glass to protect it from minor damages.

We have all types of glasses that are compatible with any Apple gadget.

Replacement of battery issues and dealing with battery damage

Battery issues can be a major challenge and it can cause a lot of hampering in your daily work. We understand the importance of a long-life battery. We will replace your battery or fix the issues so that you can have longer battery life and spend the entire day on iMac, Macbook, iPhone, or iPad without worrying about charging your laptop all the time.